HSBC: Bank Cab by Renegade


Increase customer loyalty to HSBC in a time when aggressive regional banks and more branches of entrenched leaders are popping up all over New York City. Thus, we had to make the HSBC positioning statement - "The world's local bank" - believable in this bustling metropolis. To put it into numbers, HSBC asked us to physically impact 80,000 New Yorkers, and impress another 15 million.



HSBC customers represent a cross-section of New Yorkers, including bankers on Wall Street, restaurateurs in Chinatown, and families on the Upper West Side. But no matter who they are, they all know that knowledge is power and that local knowledge - where to eat, what to do, how to get there - is the key to their city.


Even if we had only put the two handsomely-refurbished Checker Cabs in HSBC's red and white colors on the road, it would have been a fine piece of attention-grabbing outdoor. But that would not have been Renegade enough. So we created an HSBC BankCab program with layers.


The original BankCabbie search and competition made sure that we found the most knowledgeable, most engaging cabbie in New York City. It was a made-for-media event, exciting the press and securing over 18 million PR impressions. So now imagine getting a free ride in the BankCab (because you're a lucky HSBC customer), and the driver not only knows where he's going, but can also give you restaurant, theatre or touring suggestions. Local knowledge indeed!

The second year of the program brought the Ride Free with HSBC concept to an even bigger audience. Street teams asked New York City trivia questions to the public and everyone who answered correctly received a free subway ride: 25,000 total. On top of that, during 12 amnesty days the cabs were available for free rides to all New Yorkers. It was as simple as getting in and taking a free ride.

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