Dove (Unilever): Dove Showeroke by media contacts


Media Contacts Philippines was challenged by Dove to expand its consumer base to include younger and more vibrant woman, and they wanted to do it with the new product: Dove Go Fresh.


Media Contacts strategy was to own the shower experience online and give every girl the chance to become a celebrity, reinforcing therefore Dove’s Go Fresh positioning as a fun and energetic shower experience.

The shower remixer microsite allowed users to customize their shower experience, selecting different fixtures, floor designs, shelves and window scenes. As girls remixed their shower, the musical theme also changed. The Showeroke, online singing contest, culminated in a live talent show.


  • Showeroke video and blog entries were picked up in several blogs generating a readership of 18,000.
  • Dove Bar annual penetration went up from 13.7% to 18.4%
  • Dove Body wash loyalty went up from 24% to 27.6%
  • Winner of the Best Creative Campaign ICON Award (Havas Digital awards)

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