Ray Ban: Never Hide by coBRANDiT


Ray-Ban's Never Hide campaign is an ongoing global marketing effort to target young, brave and nonconformist individuals. As part of this effort Ray-Ban sponsored Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club as they performed at major American music festivals: SXSW, Coachella, and Lollapalooza.


Working with partner agency NMS, coBRANDiT covered the shows, conducted interviews, and shot behind-the-scenes content with the band. Finished pieces highlighted interview segments, top hits, and acoustic performances while also integrating fan content shot on consumer devices from the crowd and side stage.


The results can be seen at Ray-Ban Films or at these locations: SXSW 1, SXSW 2, SXSW 3, Coachella 1, Coachella 2, Coachella 3, Lollapalooza 1, Lollapalooza 2.

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