How do you differentiate yourselves from other platforms?

Somesso.com is a neutral platform. We do not want to sell you our own great solution. Instead, through our review & rating system we create a neutral regulating benchmark that benefits both Clients and Providers.

For who is this website?

  • Clients: corporate stakeholders in charge of Marketing, Communication, PR, and IT departments.
  • Providers: social media agencies, consultancies, technology vendors, as well as traditional PR multinationals.

Why Somesso.com?

Corporations realize the urgency to get involved with social media to start building up a genuine online presence and dialogue with customers, vendors, and employees. However, they fail the knowledge how & where to get started. Also, their traditional PR agencies are struggling to really support them on this matter which resulted in today's cowboy market consisting of an overload of self-labeled "expert" agencies overwhelming potential clients. Without a regulating industry benchmark, confusion amongst corporate stakeholders remains high and overall quality delivery poor.

Why can you trust us?

Somesso.com operates throughout Europe since 2008 and has built a significant reputation in physically connecting key decision makers in “corporate” with the “social” opinion leaders in the world, through its exclusive Somesso Events for business leaders. We have always acted as the neutral benchmark between both of these "worlds".

Free to use?

Usage of the website is free. Clients can request as many proposals as they want, and Providers can upload as many case studies as they want.

Why should all Social Media Providers upload their case studies onto our site?

You will put your clients at the heart of your business by letting them rate your services. They will sell your services to other clients. When clients explain you what they think about your products and services, their insights have a great impact on your business.

But then, how do you make money?

We charge Providers a small fee per transaction lead. Getting in touch with providers is absolutely free though!

Functionality for Providers in the marketplace?

  • Providers of social media solutions can upload their case studies free of charge, now and in the future, just like other content they generate, such as business intelligence reports and company flyers.
  • Providers have a choice to be present on Somesso.com for free if they provide detailed and full information, like filling out their entire profile and providing correct references.
  • Providers need to provide such information correctly to obtain a basic rating. A simple-to-understand star-rating system is used to review Providers, guaranteeing overall quality delivery within the marketplace.

Why would I come back to your website?

We're fully dedicated to continuously tune our services better to the individual behavior of our users. We're creating one global hub for corporate social media solutions and knowledge by capturing all latest trends, figures, and, activities on the Web into one place.

What about the quality of the content on this website?

We only accept quality content, which is means every case study is original, interesting, and useful.